Théo Blochet

Learning how to tell stories

One trait both my grandfathers had in common was their story-telling. Dinner was never a dull moment: each would captivate the table for hours, talking about the war, current and past politics, the economy — less than 10 years old at the time, I looked forward to summer holidays in Normandy or Provence just to listen to them.

I am also the living proof that story-telling isn't hereditary.

So how do you acquire story telling skills? How do you make the table more vibrant, getting people to enjoy their time around you, and contribute interesting idea? Make the meal a time people look forward to?

This isn't just an ego thing — I see it as a way of enjoying life more and helping people do that, too. Anyway,

I do not have the answer yet as of writing — just stating it as something I want to improve. I'll be grateful for any tips!