Théo Blochet

Brain numbing

I have a condition. One that I assume a lot of humans have.

  • Before showering, I’ll turn on live news on my iPhone.
  • While cooking, I’ll watch one the videos YouTube recommends to me.
  • When jogging, I’ll always have a podcast on.
  • After work, I’ll be scrolling through Twitter, or LinkedIn.

My excuse?

I’m a curious person. I like to learn new things.

The reality?

I like to numb my brain. When my brain is captivated by a screen, life becomes more comfortable. I don't have to think. I can live on autopilot.

If I used half that captive time for productive thoughts, I think I would create more. I’d have more critical thoughts. I’d live with more directionality. I tried to change it by tracking time spent, but it failed.

My next step is to actually start doing more planned activities: I realize that "numbing" is fine for multitasking, but not to fill idle time. Let's see how that works.